Battery Management System MASTER CONTROLLER

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Stafl Systems BMS1000 Series Battery Management Systems use a modular system consisting of one BMS Master Module (e.g. BMS1000M) and 1 to 64 BMS Monitor Modules (e.g. BMS1101S / BMS1102S). The BMS1000M integrates with the application system using a CAN 2.0B communications port and is designed for automotive, stationary and industrial applications.

The Stafl Systems BMS product line offers proprietary Safe Operating Envelope technology to provide instant information to the application system about the health and state of the pack, providing the application system with the pack’s performance boundaries in a seamless and easy to use format. In the event of a fault in the battery pack, specific Fault Vectoring technology allows for quicker diagnosis of the issue within the pack to identify and repair the issue.

BMS Features

  • Scalable from 12 to 256 Series Cells
  • Temperature Sensor for Each Cell Group
  • Supports up to 850V Systems
  • Low Steady State Cell Voltage Measurement Error (<3 mV)
  • Individual Cell Shunt Resistors for Passive Balancing
  • Externally Powered for Low Quiescent Battery Current
  • Shunt Monitor Circuit for Pack Current Sensing
  • Pack Level Voltage Monitoring
  • Integrated Precharge Circuit and Resistor
  • Main Contactor Control Circuit
  • 6 General Purpose Digital Inputs
  • 6 General Purpose Digital Outputs
  • 12/24V Nominal Compatible Power Input
  • CAN 2.0B Communication Port to Vehicle System
  • Data Logging Support on MicroSD Card
  • USB Interface for System Configuration
  • 1000V Isolation Barrier between Accessory and Motive Circuits

BMS Specifications

Parameter Conditions Min Typical Max Units
Cell Voltage 1.500 4.750 V
12 Cell Stack Voltage 14 57 V
Quiescent Battery Current 10 µA
Temperature Measurement -30 80 °C
System 12V/24V Input Voltage 7.5 32.0 V
Active System 12V/24V Input Current < 600 mA

Typical System Diagram


Additional information

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