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Do you need an expert on your side who understands advanced EV/HEV and e-mobility technology?

Stafl Systems’ team of experts have developed many advanced EV/HEV systems and are frequent contributors to many e-mobility and energy storage projects, including electric cars, race vehicles, marine applications, stationary ESS and aircraft. We regularly work with clients on product development. Learn more about our consulting services.

Expert Guidance

Advanced batteries and electrical systems require equally advanced solutions for safe, reliable operation.

The Stafl Systems team has developed solutions and consulted on numerous projects, from record-breaking electric cars to major OEM off-road vehicles to subterranean specialty equipment and electric aircraft.

Our team has seen both the best and worst designs and technology the industry has to offer. This experience has shaped both our products designs and our consulting services, where we help clients achieve the technical requirements of a project by understanding the full system context.

Vehicle Consulting Services


A modern vehicle is more than a computer on wheels. The motor, batteries and electronic components must work together effectively in the final application. We provide comprehensive solutions for electric and hybrid powertrain applications, both with our own components and through our partnerships with industry leading suppliers. We understand how battery chemistry and technology intersects with reliability, performance and price.

High Voltage PCB Design Consulting Services


The high voltages and currents that are present in electric and hybrid vehicles present unique challenges that must be considered when designing circuits for these applications. This is vastly different from the comparatively quiet environments of other applications, such as consumer electronics. Our team specializes in designing custom PCBs with stringent operational requirements in electrically noisy environments. Our clients push boundaries, and we provide the technology that lets them do it.

Embedded Software Development Consulting


Today’s vehicles employ many embedded control modules that include battery management systems, vehicle/engine control units and body controllers. These devices require software that operates safely and reliably in real time. Using C/C++ or Matlab/Simulink, we provide embedded software solutions that run on our hardware platforms or other off-the-shelf control modules.

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