Fact Sheet: Technology behind Record-Breaking Genovation GXE

Stafl Systems is proud to serve as the primary electronics contractor for the record-breaking Genovation GXE electric car. Here is a look at the technology behind this achievement.

Base vehicle

2006 Corvette Z06


604 ft-lbs of Motor Torque
500 kW / 670 HP Maximum Power Output
8000 RPM Maximum Motor Speed

Performance Comparison

More than 6 times the Power of the Nissan Leaf (80 kW / 107 HP)
More than 3 times the Torque of the Nissan Leaf (187 ft-lbs)

Battery System

700V nominal battery pack assembled by EVDrive
43.3kWh capacity
4,800 battery cells (18650 form-factor)


Dual drive RMS inverters each generating 250 kW of power output
(equates to 335 HP)


Dual stack AMR electric motor

Powertrain Management

Stafl Systems VCU1200 vehicle control unit

Battery Management

1 Stafl Systems BMS1000M and 17 Stafl Systems BMS1101S Monitor boards placed throughout the battery pack


2 onboard chargers provide 6 kW charge rate from standard J1772 plug


Touchscreen display showing state of charge and other status information


Stafl Systems